six reasons why I love being a woman who works

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When Emma, founder and editor of LOVEFLOCK, recently posted about working part-time, my first thought was that this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the very thing that empowers women to design their lives, craft their own journeys and invest in their futures. For most of us, the ability to do this is largely obtained through hard work. We can all admit, work aint always fun. It means getting up at day break to fit in our daily exercise, our coffee to-go is rushed (although you tend to savour it even more), many spend hours commuting, moms spend most of the day away from their children, home cooked dinners are simplified (sometimes tasteless), office politics drive you mad and often our outfits look a whole lot prettier than our days feel. But when you put those aggravations aside, the benefits of being a woman who works far outweigh all of the above.

Some may wonder why “women who work” issuch a hot topic. Collectively the hashtag #womenwhowork is part of some 134 353 posts on Facebook and Instagram which doesn’t sound significant until you factor in Twitter and thousands of blog sites and websites that speak to this. Not to mention business leaders such as Sheryl Sandberg whose book Lean In has become a global phenomenon. Yet still to this day there’s a general assumption that men will work at all ages, yet that assumption doesn’t hold nearly as strong for women, which is a pretty old societal norm.

Being financially independent is a right that I don’t believe any woman should deny herself of. Whether she wants to work throughout her life is her choice. That said, the rewards that are reaped as a result of staying in the workforce are ones which nobody can rob us of. We develop our own identity separate to that of being someone’s wife, daughter, mother and so forth. As women living in the times in which we do today, where the cost of living is astronomical, where absolutely nothing in life is guaranteed and when one never knows what set of circumstance may be thrown our way , not retaining some level of financial independence is somewhat of an injustice to ourselves and those around us.

Being part of the working world does so much more for us than we realize and when you dig a little deeper you’ll find that it’s about a whole lot more than your monthly pay slip.

Here are six reasons why being a woman who works is totally awesome …

1. A huge sense of self-worth is gained
Feeling valued outside the home, where there is no bias and you are judged (for lack of a better word) on your performance, skills, ideas and creativity that you bring to the table all contributes to a sense of self-worth which boosts your confidence.

2. You build a bank of knowledge
Being part of industries forces you to constantly increase your knowledge in order to keep up with business trends and an environment which is constantly evolving thanks to technology advances. In addition you spend a great deal of time interacting with people from different walks of life and this enriches your knowledge of other cultures and value systems. Collectively, this empowers us to contribute more broadly from a conversational perspective and to better understand different points of view.

3. You have the ability to build your own wealth & financial freedom
As women we should always be living in the now but thinking to the future. We owe it to ourselves to be creating our own wealth, saving for retirement and building a buffer for rainy days. In doing so we give ourselves a lot more control over our lives because we are not fully dependent on someone else.

4. You become a financial contributor at home
We all contribute in different ways to our households. For some it’s managing the day to day up-keep of the home, which involves a fair share of work. But working gives us the ability to contribute to household, living expenses and to supporting our families. Plus, if you share these responsibilities with a significant other we feel like an equal.

5. You are able to give back to your community
There will always be those who are less fortunate than us and when we are in a position to make a difference in the lives of those individuals, it impacts our communities in a positive way. Earning a salary puts each and every one of us in the position to donate a portion of our income (big or small) towards improving the lives of others.

6. Your work fuels your ambition
When you are occupied by work you have much less time to delve into the small stuff. You’re less focused on what others are doing and more focused on building your career, developing your brand and growing all aspects of your life. In doing so you become accustomed to a way of thinking, which is to be better than you were yesterday and to always keep striving for more.

Thanks to Jessica for sharing! Can you think of more reasons why being a woman who works rocks? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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