Motherless Mother’s Day




The slippers, pyjamas and hand creams are in the front aisles at the shops. The day spas are promoting deals, the chocolate aisle has packages tied up in pink and the plant nurseries are having sales – Mother’s Day must be approaching.

This is my second Mother’s Day since my mum passed. To be honest, I can’t really remember what I did last year. I know I must of done something with my own boys and no doubt I shed some tears. I do remember my mum’s birthday which is the 26th May being much worse. I had just gone back to work after carers and maternity leave and had no personal or recreational leave left. It was awful. I just felt miserable and promised myself I wouldn’t work her birthday ever again …

But back to Mother’s Day. I’ve been thinking about how I might like to spend this Sunday and here are some ideas I’ve had:

*Stay in my pjs, have breakfast with my boys, then wallow and hopefully drink a bottle of moscato or two.

*Go and walk up Mt Rogers in Canberra. Some of my mum’s ashes are scattered there with a plaque. She was a keen bush walker and used to walk up Mt Rogers most mornings.

*Purchase a plant for my backyard as she was a mad gardener as well.

*Host a BBQ at my place and invite my dear friends who have just lost their divine mother.

*Have a cuppa with my sister.

*Donate to a mother-focused charity or shelter in honour of my mum.

*Purchase a bunch of pink roses and light a candle for her. A psychic told me once this is a way of invoking her and I often do it and find peace.

In all honesty I think I will do a combination of the above. There is no denying she will be in my thoughts for most of the day. I also know from past experiences, the build up to some of these days is actually worse than the real day. All I can do is get through it, do something memorable for her and enjoy the time with my kids – even if it takes all the inner strength to do so.

Do you have any other ideas? Would love to hear them!

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  1. Beautiful Em. I can’t even begin to imagine a Motherless Mother’s Day. My heart aches for you. Did she have a favourite song? Maybe you could play that to your boys. All dress in her favourite colour or eat her favourite food as a sweet gesture to acknowledge how much you love and miss her. I think all your ideas are lovely but remember, this is YOUR day as much as it is hers. You deserve to be spoilt and loved and adored. You have no doubt proved what an incredible, resilient Mummy you are and this is a day to celebrate that to the fullest. Lotsa love xx

  2. They all sound like wonderful ways to honour your beautiful Mum. Love you Stroudy x

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