Hello lovelies!

I have been quiet here the last week but it is for a good cause!

My girlfriend Soudalay and I have launched a crowd funding campaign to help Canberra homeless find warmth Spare10!.

In less than four days, ‘Spare10!’ has raised over $1800 to purchase winter essentials such as socks, gloves, beanies and scarves.

Soudalay and I have been talking for months about what we should do to give back, but no ideas were really working out. Then it clicked! By purchasing socks, gloves, beanies and scarves for the Canberra homeless we can answer a practical need!

We’re asking people to spare $10. That’s it. $10 donations towards purchasing winter essentials in bulk for those that need it most in our freezing Canberra cold.

Soudalay with our first batch of winter warmers!

Soudalay with our first batch of winter warmers!

We’ve done our research and these are the items the homeless are asking for right now.

Donations can be made till the end of this month. We’re then handing these items out at the St Vincent De Paul night patrol vans at various locations across Canberra.

We’re overwhelmed with the support we’ve received in the campaign’s first days. Since we’ve exceeded our original target of $1000, we can now look into purchasing sleeping bags! Every spare $10 counts and will go directly towards purchasing as many items as possible.

We would love for all you lovelies to get involved! Donations can be made at the Go Fund Me page.

With love,
Em x

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  1. Omg you ladies have hearts the size of Australia! It is so refreshing to see that the money is being put to good use!! Will send through half a lobster tonight!

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