Current Crushes

current crushes


It has been awhile since a bit of #LOVEFLOCKLOVES so I decided to bundle up into one post a few things I’m digging at the moment.



When I was in Brisvegas for my sissy-in-law’s wedding I came across dirty chai lattes thanks to being on the menu at an unassuming café. I’ve been a long time lover of chai lattes so inquired what made these particular beves dirty. The answer is a shot of coffee. Immediately I had to have one and was not disappointed!! I now ask for them all the time when out for a hot beverage (which is, like, hardly ever) and I’m still in love. The sweet chai and bitter coffee make for a romance made in frothy milk heaven.



“I’ll a have Lemonade served Queen Bey style please” is my current order! Beyonce’s new album is totally worth a listen and watch. Lemonade has been released as a visual album including an hour-long optical feast video. The video weaves each song together with spoken word and sublime images.

As for the tracks, I do skip a few when listening on my phone but there is enough hits in the mix to justify the purchase. I’m particularly in love with some of the collaborations including with Jack White and Kendrick Lamar.

Lemonade explores the outfall of marital infidelity and Beyoncé has never sounded so raw. This album has got me thinking Jay-Z has really f***ed up and as part of the deal of her staying with him, she gets to make an album letting the world know what a dog he has been.



This time of year the TV gods smile down upon me by delivering my latest trifecta – Game of Thrones, Outlander and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Judge away if you must, I’ve got no shame in my game and make sure they are always booked in the Foxtel planner.

As for film, my lovely Sabs and I recently went on a date to watch The First Monday of May and loved it! It is a behind-the-scenes look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most attended fashion exhibition in history China: Through the Looking Glass exhibition and the Met Gala. There is stunning fashion as art pieces, interviews with designers, curators and Anna Wintour herself – you even get a short glimpse inside her Manhattan home! One random moment was seeing Anna’s disdain of the new Vogue headquarters in the One World Trade Center building. It was the talk of the town when we were visiting New York last year. Apparently there was a rodent problem and you can see in the doco that the standard cubicles are a disgrace to all those fabulous clothes and PR girls!



I have been terrible in the reading department these days – besides the news (where my lovely Soudalay and I featured last week – yep, total shameless plug), Constance Hall’s blog, and whatever my friends are sharing on Facebook.

However, one notable mention must go to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert aka the chick who wrote Eat Pray Love. Big Magic is all about how to live a creative life and is full of wisdom. I love how Elizabeth approaches the subject and her theory that ideas basically float around and are waiting for someone to bring them into fruition. You must not be angry if someone else ends up delivering on idea, because you either didn’t run with it or wasn’t totally meant for you. Seriously, go and grab a copy. It is an easy read, full of amazing gems and quotes. Plus, this is a book you can judge by its gorgeous cover – seriously, how pretty is it?!?



I finally purchased a pair of flat ankle boots. I’m the kind of girl who only has a few pairs of shoes and then wear them to death – I think Carrie Bradshaw would faint if she saw my teeny tiny collection. As such, I needed a pair of boots and found them at Witchery. They are stylish, versatile, were on sale and most importantly for me – fairly flat.


Enough about me and these little crushes. What are you enjoying lately and what do you recommend???

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  1. Please do more of these – I love reading these kinds of lists! Can’t wait to watch that movie now and go hunting for boots too…Thanks Em!

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