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I met Jimena on a doona day about 18 months after my mum passed. Having been to psychics and card readers before, I thought I would Google for one in my area and Jimena’s business Pali Healing Arts showed up. After one reading I felt at ease with Jimena and asked her about Reiki and decided I would give it a go.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. What I didn’t expect was how amazing Reiki truly is! I had never tried Reiki because it seemed a bit “hippie with no real benefit” (I know, bit judgmental from a girl who has oracle cards). After each session I feel like I have had a massage, feel super rested,  and not so cray-cray.

Other than being super awesome at Reiki and Readings, I found Jimena’s back story fascinating – she has thrown in the rat race to follow her passion of running her business full-time. I asked Jimena if I could interview her for LOVEFLOCK and she kindly agreed …

Emma: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jimena: I’m a Canberra girl with Argentinean parents. My family are natural healers who love emphatically but one of my greatest teachers has been my brother. He was born with Down Syndrome and is the embodiment of unconditional love.

I have spent some time living overseas. When I was little I lived in Argentina and in 2011 I moved the Washington DC area in the US to be with my now hubby (Isaac aka DJ I-Dee who is world champion Turntablist). We stayed there for a while but since we’re both obsessed with the ocean and have a strong dislike for winter, we moved to Miami Beach for a couple of years before coming back to Canberra recently.

I used to be an Executive Assistant and worked for 2 out of the 4 major accounting firms in the world as well as for the Public Service like a true Canberran *laughs*.

I now run my own practice Pali Healing Arts and offer Reiki, Oracle Card Readings and Space Blessings/Clearings. I’m also facilitating monthly  a Sisterhood/Women’s Circle on the New Moon and a Reiki Circle on the Full Moon. I’m preparing other workshops and events to help as many people as I can.

Emma: Have you always had psychic and healing gifts? How was this as a child?

Jimena: I believe we all have psychic and healing abilities but that some of us are just more attuned to them. Sometimes we are born with the full gamut of abilities and sometimes none at all, but each one of us has the capacity to develop them at any time. I fell somewhere in-between that scale and was born with a couple but I didn’t always know what they were or how they worked. It was confusing and sometimes scary as a child but it was really cool too!

I was always sensitive to energy and I thought everyone had the same abilities I did. I always assumed people knew how I felt, or at least how they affected others around them. I was told by many I was just too sensitive and to toughen up. Without having anyone to really understand me, I figured that those people were right and for a really long time I tried to “be tough” and ignore what I felt and experienced. This was especially hard when other abilities came forth like the telepathic experience I had when my Great-Grandmother transitioned. I was 10 years old and felt her leave this plane from across the globe. When I shared this with my family, they did their best to explain this to me as coincidence but I knew that it was more. I also felt innately that laying my hands on people and animals was healing but felt silly saying so, let alone trying.

By this stage, something in me knew that I was different. Not having anyone to talk to was difficult and because I’d grown up Catholic, I also feared my abilities, so part of me was glad to leave them be. I wish that I knew then what I know now! Today I consider them to be beautiful gifts and tools to be used and shared with compassion for the betterment of one and all. Despite growing up a little confused, I’ve always enjoyed my gifts and embraced being different. They’ve helped me tremendously and I can’t imagine a life without them.

Emma: What exactly is Reiki?

Jimena: Reiki is a beautiful, simple form of energy healing. Essentially it is the channeling of life-force energy (Chi, Qi or Prana) to another to help regulate and/or boost their own body’s innate healing capabilities. I place my hands on predetermined positions on the body and allow this energy to flow to these specific areas. There is a misconception that the practitioner is responsible for the healing but really I am only a dedicated channel.

The “system” of Reiki comes from Japan and was introduced by a Buddhist monk early last century. However, energy healing has been around for thousands of years in many cultures and civilizations across the planet and we all practice it, especially if you’re a parent or a deeply compassionate person. Think about what you do when you hurt yourself. Most people put their hands on the area straight away. A parent instinctively does this when their child hurts themselves too, isn’t that funny that we never wonder why? So, if we can all do this why you need to see a Reiki practitioner? The answer is that we are trained, dedicated to daily spiritual practices that take care of our energy health, and more importantly we have undergone the attunement process which allows us to hold more Reiki and act as a much bigger channel. This means you receive more Reiki during a session with a practitioner than you would from untrained or unattuned hands.

Emma: When did you decide to make your gifts a full time profession? What were the motivations and fears around this?

Jimena: Since I was little, I wanted to help others but didn’t know how. My parents have always advocated for those without a voice and helped carry the broken. They have big hearts and backgrounds in medicine and education, so growing up I’ve always wanted to be profoundly useful to others and help people as they have. Every conversation I ever had around “career” rarely involved any talk of purpose or heart. It was always a question of what I was good at and there was never a profession on offer that involved energy work. So I looked at many other career paths, all of which I was told were not realistic or stable enough. Eventually I fell into a career as an Executive Assistant that I was proud of until one day I noticed that I yearned for much more and it became uncomfortable going into work each day. I always say it felt like walking in on my parent – clearly not where I should be, awkward and unnecessary! So for years I asked for guidance to find something I could put my heart into. I went about my life waiting for the answer and after going through my own healing journey I wanted to help others more than ever.

One day a friend of mine took me to a Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation in Miami. During the session I saw my true nature and purpose crystal clear, some people refer to moments like these as their awakening. Seeing myself in that form shifted something in me and not long after, Reiki found me through a number of synchronicities and signs. Everything aligned perfectly. As soon as I completed my first class, I knew that this was part of my calling. I felt at home and both witnessing and experiencing something so powerful and sacred lit a fire under me! I’d also been reading Oracle cards for around 12 years at that stage but never felt comfortable going pro. As soon as I completed my Master level I took classes to become certified in reading too and that’s how Pali was born! On a personal level coming out of the “Spiritual Closet” (as Doreen Virtue calls it) was petrifying and as a business woman and entrepreneur I didn’t want to fail. Would people understand what I do? Would they think I was weird or evil? I decided that this was something I needed to deal with, a perfect opportunity to love and accept myself –  so I “came out”, set up Pali and never looked back. I lost a couple of friends, but I also received an overwhelming amount of love from many more that practically said “I don’t know what this is, but I know you and your heart, and I can’t wait to try it”. They’ve kept me going and I thank them, because helping people in whatever way I can is way too important and so much bigger than me. In the end it’s all about making a difference to people’s lives and being the healer I never had.

Emma: There are many skeptics in this world. How do you deal with that sort of criticism?

Jimena: Honestly it can be really hard on a personal level, as I mentioned I’ve lost a couple of friends I thought I’d have forever over taking this path. That said, I absolutely honour each person’s truth and if this is not for them then that is more than okay. I encourage everyone to live authentically and I also understand that it’s difficult for some to wrap their head around energy and the fact that we as humans have learned to filter out a lot of the information it gives us. So my approach to any criticism I hear is to evaluate its validity and keep my emotions at bay. I’m usually able to tell who wants to have the discussion out of curiosity and who wants to tell me I’m wrong or misled. I can then tailor my response but in both situations I keep it simple, logical and where appropriate, I mention the numerous studies being done and/or my own experiences. What really gets the analytical minds and the non-believers is when I tell them that Reiki is used across hundreds of hospitals and hospices in the USA for relaxation and pain management and is also available at the Harvard University Center for Wellness. Of course there are times when this isn’t enough and that is okay too. This isn’t for everyone, at least not yet.

I hope in the future my job will be obsolete. I envision a world where we all have these abilities fully developed and it’s a part of daily life but I digress – I think what’s been most interesting though is that so far every criticism I’ve heard has been from people that are yet to work with me (or anyone else in my field for that matter). Those that have received Reiki or a Reading from me have ranged in skepticism but all have left believing in the healing arts and having experienced some level of positive transformation. So I stay focused on my client’s success because it means more to me than any criticism ever could.

Emma: The LOVEFLOCK tribe is full of time poor, often stressed-out and pulled from every direction women. What are three simple things they can do to centre themselves and bring more calm into their lives?


1. Gratitude: Practicing gratitude is one of the best ways to dispel negative energy. It raises your vibration and affects you on a cellular level. It’ll leave you feeling more alive and positive in no time. You can do this mentally just about anywhere or if you want to develop a stronger practice, you can use one of the many gratitude apps or a journal. It’s important not to just rattle off a list and wait for the magic. You must feel the gratitude come from your heart. If you struggle with this, think of how you felt in a beautiful moment and the gratitude will flow. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t name everything and everyone you are grateful for, there are plenty of opportunities throughout your day to do so and if you don’t get around to it, that doesn’t mean you aren’t grateful. The aim of the exercise is to feel gratitude not recite a formal thank you speech.

2. Nature: Connecting to nature is a beautiful practice that doesn’t have to take long and allows you to release excess energy that no longer serves you and replenishes you with energy that does. It can be as simple as rolling down your window and feeling the elements or walking barefoot on grass or soil. In the colder months, I take time to look out the window and feel the sun on my face or listen for the rhythm in the rain. If a pot plant is all you have, go with it. Talk to it, feel it, appreciate it. It counts!

3. Breath work: Breathing deeply and purposefully for 5 minutes as you focus on your heartbeat and the love you hold within, will center you in seconds. An added bonus is that the extra oxygen will help clear toxins from your system, help you reconnect to your intuition, bring up emotions for processing and release, and clear your mind. This is one of my favorites because you can do this anywhere! There are some great apps for this too.

Emma: You have contributed to a book! Tell us more about it.

Jimena: Last year I had the pleasure of joining over 200 amazing people to create the book 365 Ways to Connect to Your Soul. I wrote about the energy that we can create in the spaces we inhabit and how this affects us and our connection to ourselves. It’s something so obvious but often overlooked. Being a highly sensitive person, Clairsentient and an Empath, I’ve been using this technique since I was a little girl to anchor, heal and motivate myself. My piece generated lots of interest and I’ve had so much fun with it that I’ll be launching “Signature Soul Spaces” as a service by the end of the year. This technique helped me live from the highest level of authenticity each day and I can’t wait to help others develop that deep connection to themselves in their homes and offices too. I’m really excited!

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