Gratitude – a buzz word I can get behind



Gratitude – it might sound like one of those wanky buzz words, like bespoke or raw, unlike those, this is a buzz word I can get behind (no offense raw lovers, but mumma needs her food cooked!) Showing gratitude is basically just being grateful, to be thankful and appreciative for what you have and where you are in your life. Not just because your mum nagged you about it whenyou were a kid, but because it’s actually critical to your health and wellbeing. Even our reiki guru Jimena suggests reflecting what you are grateful for everyday is excellent for reducing stress levels and your improving your mood.

I have been inspired by people who keep gratitude diaries so I’m going to do my own very public gratitude journal over the next week. Each day I’ll share with you some little things, and some big ones, that I’m grateful for. I was hoping to do one a day for a week but not sure if the kiddies and life commitments will allow me but I’m giving it a shot!

I would love you all to join in, tell me what you are grateful for! I want to know all about it! You can do it by leaving a comment, tagging @loveflockau and #loveflockloves on Instagram or sharing on Facebook!

When I start to think about all the things I’m grateful for it’s hard to know where to start – here it goes …

I’m grateful for the people in my kids’ lives. The ones who show them love and support, who don’t judge them and accept their own personalities. The following goes to some of these special souls …

My boys

My boys

Childcare staff
I’m so grateful that the boys attend such a great childcare centre. The boys go to a local centre three days a week so that I can go to work. I’ve always found it difficult to leave the kids, especially when they first started, both around 11months old (Leo is now nearly 4, Ari nearly 2). It breaks my heart when Ari starts crying like clockwork as we pull up into the centre car park. His crying turns into wails when we go inside, but he then starts calling for his favourite carer, Maggie. She has two number one fans in our household, as Maggie was Leo’s favourite carer when he was in her room as well.

Maggie is so loved that when I tuck Ari into bed at night he waves and says ‘night night, Maggie’.

The other carers are just as great and make sure the kids are well looked after, are learning, and becoming well rounded. Leo is doing yoga everyday, knows all about planets and is learning about Indigenous art. The teacher nearly made me cry the other day when she told me he is the best behaved boy in the class. At first I was shocked and responded with “really”?!?!? Hehe, but then I was filled with pride and asked him “why don’t you do that at home”?!?

It is reassuring to know our boys are shown so much love and are part of a community which I’m truly grateful for.

Soul Aunties and Cousins
My girlfriends have become my kids’ soul aunties and their kids my boys’ soul cousins. It is such a thrill sharing parenting with the people you grew up with. I’m so grateful to have these amazing women to share with and lean on with the day to day grind of child-rearing. I’m also grateful I can be part of their kids’ lives when looking after them and hosting play-dates. It is a privilege I don’t take lightly.

I’m eternally grateful for our biological family of aunts, uncles and grandparents who also show love to our boys. The boys get spoilt and they feel secure knowing they have others that love them.

I’m especially grateful to my mum-in-law Isabel for showering tons of love and practical support our way. With my mum gone, I have been on a journey of grief, deeply missing special moments together and the support she gave me with the kids. Seeing her everyday and having Leo so I could get some chores done or even go to the gym, these are things that I will be eternally grateful for. But Isabel has made sure my boys’ lives are exciting and happy. Even though we live a plane flight away that hasn’t stopped the love penetrating through. Thank goodness for FaceTime! When we get together I’m able to have a big break, sleep in and just chill. Yep, all this I’m totally grateful for.

Of course the person I’m most grateful to is my Hubby and baby-daddy. He never shuns from his parental and family responsibilities, puts his kids first and loves spending time with them. A big part of falling in love with him was how he is with kids. Yep, I made sure I got a good egg and I’m full of gratitude. As Salt ‘N’ Peppa put it “whatta man, whatta man, what a mighty good man … yes he is”! 😉

And finally, it would be totally uncool not to mention the other gang in my kids’ lives – the Paw Patrol crew, Elmo and the Madagascar bunch – I’ll be forever grateful to you for when the kids are having a meltdown eating at a mid-budget establishment. I can always find you on my iPhone and our world is at peace once again. Soo grateful!

What are you grateful for today?? Don’t forget to share by leaving a comment here or on Facebook, or tagging @loveflockau and #loveflockloves on Instagram!

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  1. What a wonderful article Em! I love getting an insight into your life, especially your little boys! I also found it so helpful to read how much you appreciate your kids childcare centre cause I’m feeling very anxious about putting H into care in a few months time. xx

    • Thanks Dan!
      I’m glad the post was of some use in reducing the pre-child care nerves. I’m not going to lie – it is tough, but I’m so glad I stuck it out because now Leo loves going. Make sure you do some orientation and time in the room before H’s first full day – it will help him adjust. xx

  2. Lovely and thoughtful post.
    First off family. I’m grateful for having a big family. I didn’t realise it until recently but it’s a great thing.
    I’m grateful for my husband. He has such an amazing bond with our kids and I know they’ll grow into fine young men because of him.
    And finally, this may sound very patriotic, but I’m grateful for living in a country where my husband and I can both go to uni at the same time and still be able to support our kids and not be homeless.

    • Such a FABULOUS response Chrissy!!
      It makes me so happy knowing about all these blessings in your life!
      Thank you so much for sharing xx

  3. Loved this article Emma! So well written (as usual) and I even teared a little! Beautiful xo

    • Thanks so much Gorgeous!
      I’m so grateful for all the support you show me x

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