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Today one of our lovelies (who is remaining anonymous for the sake of her man’s privacy), gives us the low down on vasectomies …


So, you’ve made a decision, possibly even bigger than the decision to have kids, the decision to stop having kids!


So now what?  Well anecdotally I’ve heard that it’s pretty difficult to have a medical professional agree to “tie the old tubes”.  I can count on multiple fingers the number of friends who have been told “you’re too young, it’s too invasive etc.”  One of these friends already had four kids, and now has 5!


Doctors are much happier it would seem, to snip the baby making lines on the man.


So here’s the low down on the down low:


Who?  Vasectomy’s are not performed by a specialist, but by GPs who decide to specialise in performing them.  The best approach is to see your regular GP who will give you the name of someone they recommend.  This also means that you don’t need a referral, so word of mouth works too.


Where? Given that it is a GP performing the surgery, it generally occurs in a regular GP surgery, with a nurse assisting.


How long?  The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes, usually there is a pre-consultation the day before, where the Doctor will explain the procedure and how the patient should prepare (we got a fantastic hand drawn diagram of where to shave).


How does it work?  Don’t say you haven’t wondered, because I know you have!  A small incision is made in the scrotum (about 2cm) then the lines that supply sperm into the semen are cauterised.  So post-snip, the man still ejaculates normally, there is just no sperm in the semen.


Is it instant? NO!  General advice is that it takes 16 ejaculations to clear all remaining sperm, but it’s a good idea to test after 16 ejaculations and then again at the three-month mark. The doctor should supply containers and paperwork for future tests.


Recovery? Well, if you’re as sympathetic as me… you ask your other half to drive himself home.  Which the doctor said was ok, and which he was able to do.  Many doctors perform the procedure on a Friday, giving the patient the weekend to recover and I think most are ready to roll on Monday.


Cost? You’re looking in the ballpark of about $500 out of pocket.  So no, it’s not cheap… but you need to look at it in context.


So there you are, how to come full circle with your full circles… pun totally intended.


Have you ever discussed the snip with your man? How did he react? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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  1. Very interesting! I didn’t realise it was done by a GP in the clinic!

    • I know Kaitlyn! Seems like such a simple procedure for a life-long solution!

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