Oh no you didn’t – the funny things my six year old says


Today one of our regular lovelies who keeps insisting on being anonymous (mainly to irritate me I’m sure), shares on the funny things her six year old says …

There’s all of these pics around at the moment of the funny things toddlers say, like a picture of a two-year old screaming because they can’t find their red pencil while the pencil is in their hands. They are hilarious, but the thing that makes me laugh most is that these poor fools have no idea what’s going to hit them when that kid hits 4. At 4 they are much more sophisticated in their expression of emotions. At 4 they throw the pencil at you while screaming that it’s not red enough. You don’t get many pictures of 4-year-old tantrums on the internet, because at 4 they’ll tell you that it’s a breach of their privacy.

I am lucky to be the mum of two of the most beautiful souls. The oldest is a ball of sensible hyperactivity and the youngest is like an adorable puppy. She’s super caring, smart and hilarious and a ball of simmering emotions. I wanted to share some of the hilarious things she’s said to me over the last couple of years. While there are many more funny things I could share, none make me LOL as much as these ones.




Age 4 – at bedtime
‘Mummy I feel sick’
Me: ‘where do you feel sick’?
‘In my bedroom’

Age 4 – After being told that she needs to change her shoes because the shoes she is wearing are too small.
(lies on ground)
‘Then I’ll have to walk all the way back to my room. And turn the light on. And find other shoes. And put them on!!!!!”*

Age 5 – at bedtime after her father and I have a minor disagreement that lasts approximately 5 minutes.
‘I think you and Daddy should get a divorce’
Me: Really, why should we get a divorce?
‘All of this fighting is not good for me’

Age 5 – after being asked to put her lunch box on the bench and put her shoes away.
‘Why do I have to do everything around here’?*

Age 6 – after being sent to bed for hitting her sister while they were meant to be putting the dishes away.
‘Why can’t I just watch TV until I calm down’?*

Age 6 – while her sister and I are sick with a cold. I’ve just given her sister a hug and asked if she’s feeling better.
‘How come she gets to be sick and I don’t!!!?’*

*for full effect say in your most dramatic voice and imagine lots of tears.

While writing this I realised that there are so many other funny moments that I don’t remember. So I have one tip for you, write them down. Share them on Facebook or go old school and write them in a notebook, so you can look back and have a good laugh or share them at their 21st birthday 😛

Share some of your favourites with us! What pearlers have your kids come out with?


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