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Hope you are all well! It is time for my latest Current Crushes, where I share what I’m presently digging in the hope you might find something useful out of this list!

If you follow LOVEFLOCK on Facebook and Instagram you would know that I recently devoured season four of Orange Is The New Black (OITNB). For those of you who are fans I know I don’t need to convince you on how awesome this TV series is. But if you have never watched it, here is a brief introduction:

OINTB is highest watched Netflix original series. It is based on the true story of Piper who spent some time in an American miminium security prison for drug smuggling.

Piper is reunited with her ex-girlfriend on the inside and introduced to a wide spectrum of characters including fellow inmates, guards, and prison administrators. The show uses flashbacks to develop the various characters’ back stories. It is incredibly refreshing to see characters representing a wide range of racial, socio-economical, sexual orientation, gender and body types on the home screen. The show also shows the side of corruption in the U.S prison systems.

This show has me laughing, crying and cringing in the same ten minutes. Sure, some parts of season three were a bit meh and I nearly quit my viewing, but on the whole I LOVE this show and I’m not the only one. It has won Emmys, been nominated for Golden Globes and is the highest viewed Netflix original series. It is intelligent and compelling viewing.


As the series has progressed the producers are using current issues occurring in the states to develop story lines such as the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, the mistreatment of inmates, racial tensions and corruption.

I won’t share and spoilers but will leave you with this – if you want to watch a show with non stereotypical ‘TV women’ in lead roles then add OITNB to your next #netflixandchill session.

I’ve been getting into some Podcasts lately and three of my current favourites are Mums with Hustle, Everyday Muslim and The Moth.

Mums With Hustle is the brainchild of Tracy Harris, a primary school teacher, mum and supporter of women – yay! Tracy has created an incredible hub of resources, a kick-ass Facebook community, all sorts of useful templates and guides plus a fantastic podcast.

The podcast features mum’s in business discussing various topics such as how to use Instagram effectively to gain a following, how to get your finances in order and ways to lose the mummy guilt.

I enjoy listening to these podcasts while I’m cleaning. I always learn and just love the whole message of supporting mums’ going after their goals. The Facebook group is the bees knees too!

Everyday Muslim Podcast is exactly what the name suggest. A bunch of Australian people (mainly women) who happen to follow Islam getting together once a fortnight to discuss anything and everything from the current big issues to the more trivial ones. One of my dearest lovelies Sabrina is a regular co-host and I enjoy listening to what this group of have to say. I’m also loving learning about Islam and different cultural experiences. These ladies guest blogged on LOVEFLOCK last week and you can find their posts here, here and here.

The Moth is a new find thanks to a soul sister introducing it to me on our girl’s weekend to Bright. The Moth is based around people telling a personal story at open mic nights across America in now the globe. Participants can’t use any notes and stories are collected into podcast episodes. The topics are varied and the stories incredible. Many have left me crying. If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, you should check out The Moth StorySlams held every month.

If you ever find yourself in West Belconnen, Canberra and in the need for a meal, head on down to Kippax and go straight to the Asian Food Mart for the best Wonton Chicken noodles you have ever tasted! This place is an unassuming hole in the wall, right next to the bottle-o at the Woolies end. It is very affordable and I eat their food at least 1-2 times a week. Plus, nothing better than supporting a local family business.

A month of two ago a girlfriend introduced me to Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I had been admiring her dewy looking skin and asked her what she used. I tried it out myself and I am hooked! What I love about is it feels so light on, doesn’t dry out my skin and gives a real natural finish. Plus it is affordable. There is two types – one for normal to oily skin and one for dry. I recommend giving it a go next time you are looking for a new foundation, you can find it at Priceline and some Woolworths.


What are your current crushes? Help a lovely out and leave your hot tips!

Em X

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  1. Currently rekindling me love affair with chantecaille foundation. It’s sure moisturising (also pretty pricey) so I swap it for something a little less luxurious throughout the warmer months.
    Loving listening to the triple j hitlist on Spotify.
    Totally loving slow cooked casseroles that can be cooked in bulk and made into frozen leftovers for another meal.
    Me biggest Canberra crush right now is my sisters open fire. So nice to sit around and chat with a nice glass of wine xx

    • Wow Emma these all sound so amazing!!
      I’m right with you on the fireplace love. I light mine everyday I’m home and it has become an obsession. Also very helpful for drying all that winter laundry! Thanks so much for sharing xx

    • Hi Emma and Loveflock, well I must say I would love Jade’s fire place as well. But I prefer our out door one more……

  2. Check out ‘Orphan Black’ on Netflix, it’s what I’ve been watching after smashing through OITNB new season! Not as good but hits the spot.

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