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At LOVEFLOCK we are all about challenging the gender-norms placed on children. We continue this with Katelyn Catanzariti sharing why she is totes cool with her son wearing dresses, skirts and accessories galore …

My three little princesses love nothing more than dressing up. Even my youngest who, at only 16 months, is already swanning around the house festooned with hats, shoes and necklaces. (She wears my eldest’s school socks as elegant long white gloves).

This is great. They love to dress up, and we have boxes and boxes of dress up items. When we visit my mum, they spend most of the time in her room trying on jewellery and scarves. Suggesting they dress up as Elsa or Rapunzel is a sure fire way to get either of the big two out of a funk.

There’s only one problem. Not that it’s a problem. But one of my princesses is a prince. My son, Hugo, is known around town for swanning around in his favourite pink “sprinkle skirt”. He loves an accessory and is often weighed down with pretty necklaces and bracelets on a day out. (You know how style icon Coco Chanel always said to ‘take one thing off’ before you leave the house? Yeah, he’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of that.)

The super stylish Hugo!

The super stylish Hugo!

I have no problem whatsoever with his stylish ways. I love that he chooses to express himself exactly how he damn well pleases and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He’s a cheeky, colourful, charming character and I wouldn’t change a single sequin.

But we do have a problem. Whilst he’d be pleased as punch to just dress in his big sister’s hand-me-downs, finding new fun boys clothes for him is near impossible.


Sure, you can usually find a cute printed t-shirt. Maybe a pair of shorts with sharks or palm trees on it. But that’s about it.

Walk into any kids store and the girls’ section is a kaleidoscope of colour – pinks, yellows, reds, greens, purples, golds, silvers, blues and oranges. There’s netting, sequins, ribbons, matching hats, bags, hair accessories.
The boy’s section? Greys, browns, beiges, blues, greens with the occasional red or orange printed t-shirt or Minion yellow pjs.


And trying to find shoes? That’s even worse! Do shoe manufacturers imagine that all 3 year old boys want to dress like middle aged insurance salesmen? (No offensive to middle aged people or insurance salesmen – I’m sure some of them can be quite wild.)

It’s so very, very boring.

No wonder Hugo would rather dress up as a girl!

And I would rather have the occasional raised eyebrow from a passing stranger as Hugo pirouettes past in a tutu than ever stop my little threenager fashionista from expressing his wonderful self.


Do you let your kids pick out what they wear? Why or why not? Let us know but leaving a comment! x


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