Tonight’s inner dialogue



Wrote this last night …

6.05: [still at work] it’s getting late but if I can knock over a few tasks then I will feel more at ease tomorrow and Friday [days I stay with the kids]

6:15: fuck, it’s getting late but still need to do three things I didn’t get to this week. *text hubby telling him why I’m running late.

6:25: fuck sake, why didn’t I see that post it note before, now I have to do that fucken thing too.

6:30: [now outer dialogue with the cleaner] you make him work hard to get back withyou, what he did is totally uncool.

6:37: [in the lift] total mummy guilt, I’m not going to make it home before the boys go to bed and I feel shit about it *text Hubby saying I’m on my way

6:40: [in the car, Triple J on the radio] I’m soooo pumped that Frank Ocean is bringing out his new album on Friday, yew!!

6:41: yay, traffic not too bad and Canberra is looking so nice tonight

6:45: fuck the house is a bomb, really need to get stuck in tomorrow, will do some laundry tonight, have swimming lessons in the morning, I really should do some hair removal but can’t be fucked.

6:55pm: nearly home but boys go to bed at 7pm. Hurry up green light!! Such a shit mum, messy house, working late and now going to miss bedtime.

7:05pm: [arrive home, kids watching TV on the couch] Guess hubby is expecting me to do the bed shift, hmmmm

7:06: I’m a great mum. Stop feeling so guilty, practice what you preach about self love.

7:30 [have read a story, said prayers and tucked in the boys, now pretending to be asleep next to Ari in the bottom bunk or he won’t fall asleep] I really need to pick up the pace with blogging stuff, respond to all those emails and need to text back Ingrid and Shazza.

8:00: Fall asleep already, I’m starving and want to get out of my work clothes. Think I’ll hide under the doona and write a blog post. #mumlife

Em X

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  1. On point Em!
    I promised L I would pick her up from d/c and when dad rocks up because I was running late from work, total mother guilt riddled me. Work/life balance is the pits.
    You’re doing a great job! You got there for bedtime (they’ll remember that) xxxx Hugs to you

    • Thanks so much Hun! It truly is a daily battle. You are doing a wonderful job too!! X

  2. Em youre such a legend! Cant believe you find the time for everything that you do. Inspirational Mummy you are xxo

    • Oh thanks so much Dan! You sure know how to make a gal feel better about herself! I think we are all legends, parenthood isn’t easy, that’s for sure xx

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