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As I wrap up my third first trimester, thought it was time to share how it is all going ...

Somedays I feel like a drug addict and have considered working the corner to get more – well, not quite, but you get my drift. Ondansetron is my drug of choice because it is the only thing that allows me to keep any sort of food or liquid actually in my body and not in the closest toilet, bush or bin. As with my other two pregnancies I’m suffering from all day sickness. My morning routine starts with a run to the toilet while holding my lady bits, because I often piss my pants while dry retching. So lovely. So dignified walking to the laundry basket to dispose of my wet undies and pj pants. Once that is complete, I pop a sweet, sweet Ondansetron wafer under my mouth and thank the universe I live in a country that has such drugs available. The real annoying thing is that these wafers are ridiculously expensive! Unless you are on chemo you can’t get them on the PBS. I actually shared my mum’s stash when she was getting treated for Brain Cancer and I was preggas with Ari, but I’m having to cough up the money this time around. With both boys I didn’t start feeling better until after 20 weeks so here is hoping this one eases up earlier.

Yes this pregnancy is planned, Yes, I’m probably crazy. It is funny how three kids is now considered a big family, yet when I grew up it was the norm and many of my friends came from families of four or five children. It does seem like a pretty big shift in one generation. I’m not sure why this is the case, probably something to do with women working out of the home more and the rise in living costs and property. Either way, Hubby and I were keen for three. Of course I have had the moments of sheer panic when I realise I will be wrangling 3 under 5. This panic usually occurs when the boys are fighting for the 1938475930384950 time that day over something lame, like, whether the bathroom door should be left opened or closed. But these moments do not last long and are quickly replaced by inner calm/could be denial because this is truly the right decision for our family.

Hoping for a girl? Is probably a phase I have heard a zillion times already. Yes, I would love a daughter, no, it isn’t the reason we are having a third child. I won’t deny I would love to be able to buy from the other aisles in the kid’s clothes department. It would also be nice to have a mummy/daughter bond again. But I’m sure I would feel the same way if I had two daughters and would like a son. I know how incredibly fortunate I am to be even able to have children, and I believe it is about the soul, not the sex or the gender we place upon them. Besides, at least I know how to change a boy’s nappy, changing a girl looks a lot more tricky!! 😉 We will be finding out at 20 weeks as it still is a surprise, just 20 weeks earlier!

I always miss my mum but not having her to call to give updates on my latest scan, appointment or just to bring me vegemite toast and tea has been particularly felt. But I have a solution. Not that anyone will replace mum, but my psychologist suggested selecting someone as my ‘maternal mentor’. Someone who I can call and just keep in the loop, to play that female support in this pregnancy. Straight away I thought of my friend Emma who I went to New York City with last year. Em is the perfect choice because she exudes maternal instincts and is totally caring. I asked her to be my ‘maternal mentor’ and she burst out laughing saying “I do that stuff already”, but now I can call and vent and not feel guilty! 🙂

Cravings are different this time. With Leo and Ari I always craved chocolate everything – milo, chocolate bars, Cadbury block chocolate, the works. Now I want fruit juice, fruit, olives, tomatoes with salt and sometimes iced coffee. Every work morning I have a tomato and cheese toasted.

Having a supportive workplace has been unreal. They are cool with me starting late as mornings are a struggle as mentioned above. Also, I’ve been getting quite a few colds and bugs and they have been awesome the whole way through. A few of us in the office are expecting early next year so it is fun to share it together.

I feel frustrated that I haven’t been blogging as much. It seriously bugs me all the time, but as I’m usually asleep by 7.30pm most nights doesn’t leave much time! Thank you for being patient with me and for your ongoing support. It means the world! I’m heading to ProBlogger this weekend so hopefully I will pick up some tricks of the trade to keep bringing you lovelies content. I also have to make this public apology to our contributors – sorry I have been slack, it isn’t on purpose and hope to get back on track in this second trimester!!

With love,
Em xx

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