Life Choices


This week I have been thinking a lot about choices, and how we are constantly making them our entire days and nights.

Moments are made up of conscious and subconscious choices – whether to continue pretending you can’t hear the kids yelling from the lounge room to make them breakfast, whether to wear the comfy dress or pants to work, or to listen to Triple J, a podcast or Drake on your morning commute.

Then there is the bigger, yet daily choices – Will I choose to procrastinate or get shit done? Will I ditch the domestic duties for the morning to go and visit a soul sister with the kids instead?

Then the even larger choices come into play – will I chose to be grateful and have a good attitude today? Will I ensure I protect my energy? Will I chose to listen to my body and spirit and react accordingly??

When you really look at it. Our lives are a series of choices. Some small, some big, yet all have an impact and shape our story.

Of course I’m not saying that we can be total control freaks and chose everything that happens to us – we can’t chose what family or financial circumstances we find ourselves in, if we are born into peace or a war-torn country, or the endless list of potential sufferings that can occur in one’s life.

But we can chose how we react. This may not always seem the case, as some life decisions are simply brutal with no real answers or right direction. Often our mental state can also corrupt our healthy decision making, but a lot of the time we can just grow a pussy and take charge of our destinies.

What got me thinking about all this was where I found myself at the beginning of this week. Emotional, exhausted, stressed and needing a mental health day.

Part of how I got in this mess was mainly through my own choices such as:

-getting knocked up. These hormones are brutal.

-not taking care of myself properly by not getting enough sleep, not eating well, forgetting to take my medication and not showering daily (sad but I know I’m not the only one guilty of this from time to time).

-allowing myself to buy into drama and not removing myself from an unhealthy emotional and mental situation.

This last one was a biggie for me and really hit home whilst having a coffee after a movie date with two soul sisters. These Lovelies are both divorced and full of so much wisdom. They both said something along the lines of “we all have a role to play, what we allow is what will continue. We always have a choice, regardless how drastic or crushing, to do what is right for our and our kids’ wellbeing”.

Isn’t this just true for any situation? Whether it be a bad job situation, a romantic relationship breakdown, removing ourselves from negative friends or family – we all have our role to play. We can chose to continue to feed into the negativity or do the really hard thing and say “no, this isn’t right, I deserve better and need to alter this situation”.

At first it is a bitter pill to swallow, because it means taking on personal responsibility. It means shifting the blame to all one side and being accountable for your actions.

Once I had swallowed this pill I was then liberated. This week I have purposely making decisions that benefit my wellbeing and my families, which in turn has made an amazing difference in a short few days.

I have become more aware of my own behaviour and know it is up to me to carve out the life I want to lead. Sure, I will never be able to control or pick everything that happens in my life, and I’ll continue making mistakes,┬ábut at least I can start growing up and taking charge of the choices I make.

How about you? Have you recently had to make a choice for your wellbeing? How do you continue staying on track? Love to know!

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