It’s official – I’m nesting. Ok so I think I’m 80% nesting and 20% ‘want to be distracted’ cleaning. This makes me a 100% crazy, hormonal woman with bench spray in one hand and a sponge in the other.

It is so funny how nesting creeps up on you when knocked up. It starts with you doing your standard weekly clean, but it just doesn’t stop. You keep going back for more – another load of washing, unstack that dishwasher for the third time that day, keep wiping down the benches, all clothes are put away at all times. But then the organising and decluttering urge takes over. Four days in and I’m like “duh I’m nesting”.

I didn’t recognise the tell-tale behaviour straight away because third baby nesting is totally different to first time knocked up nesting. Having toddlers to look after and a house that no longer has anything other really than that “lived in, comfy feel”, it is a tad harder to reach that pinnacle magazine perfection you once strived for. Plus you are just waay more busy with less attention available to some things. Put simply, the goalposts have changed as each hurricane entered your home and stole your hearts. Here is some of my examples of what has changed this time around:


First time nesting: on all fours with a tooth brush scrubbing the floor grout spotless.

Third time nesting: the shower screen is see-through again.


First time nesting: expected bub’s clothes have all been delicately washed in a hand cycle, using only natural lanolin wash.

Third time nesting: oh yay! I can see the bottom of the laundry hamper!


First time nesting: Pinterest inspired baby wonderland with a touch of Fairy dust and unicorn poo.

Third time nesting: cleaning out a cupboard so they have 1/4 of it for their threads.

The Garden

First time nesting: we should get a landscaper in, really plan it out so looks sophisticated.

Third time nesting: let the kids pick out some potted colour in the discount section of Bunnings. Presto! Instant Floriade 😉


Having been around the nesting block a few times, here is my tips for co-habitats of a hormonal cleaning machine:

-Get out of the house. You can’t make mess or get in the way if you aren’t around. For extra brownie points take the kids.

-DO NOT leave your shoes in the wrong spot. Unless you want them pegged at the back of your head.

-It is nice you want to help out and chip in but it is even nicer if you learn how to do things the way she does – like how to f&$&n hang out some clothes the right way or make the bed with the pillows correctly! #facepalm Haha, seriously the easiest going wifey turns into a Type A biatch when in nest mode.

Hehe, how are you when nesting?? Any tales to share?? Let me us know by leaving a comment!

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  1. Hahaha!! I LOVED this! I remember my sister (three kids) laughing at me when I showed her a photo of my washing line with all my adorable baby to be clothes pegged up, washed and beautiful. She said, “Yeah, I did that with my first but the other two… sorry kiddos!” Haha!

  2. Hehe, guilty as charged here!
    I actually forget how many weeks preggas I am. With the other two I had a few phone apps telling me the milestones including what size fruit they were 😉

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