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I am super pumped to announce why I have been pretty MIA lately … and it isn’t just being knocked up, raising two young souls, trying to maintain a household, and hold down an office job 😉

Well, all those reasons do have an impact, but the main one is the passion driven social enterprise ‘m launching with my soul sister Soudalay, We aint boring !!

We ain’t boring. Pty Ltd is a social enterprise and our model is simple: we sell bottled Aussie spring water and donate 100% of the profit from every bottle sold, to local charities supporting those in need, from our far from boring Canberra Community. So after we cover costs, we make sure every single cent left is donated to support those in our home town that need it most.

We believe by supporting, funding and raising profiles of such important local services, we’re helping to improve the quality of lives right here in our own backyard.

Each month, a different Canberra charity or not-for-profit organisation is selected to receive that month’s profits. We ask our stockists to take turns in selecting causes close to their hearts. This ensures we are spreading the love amongst the whole community.

Soud and I are 100% committed to being a non-denominational social enterprise too. And bloody proud of it! We believe that faith has no business in who we choose to donate to or how we operate. So don’t sweat it, we won’t just be giving to faith-based organisations. We love everyone!


It has been quite a journey so far. Soud and I for a long time have wanted to do something significant to make our world a better place. Our first venture was back in May when we launched Spare 10 – a crowd funding initiative that enables us to purchase over $10,000 worth of thermal gloves, socks, beanies and sleeping bags for the Canberra homeless. With the initial goal of only $1000 being totally smashed, we felt the love in the Canberra community and knew we could take things further – which leads us to We aint boring. We will trade all year round to keep supporting those in need in our home town.

All you Lovelies know about me now, but you might be wanting to know a bit more about Soud and I as a soul sister team.


We met each other in Flynn Primary School, went through the awkward years of puberty with numerous highs and loooooows, as well as heart breaks and big belly laughs throughout the years. We even survived the crazy party life as uni students together and both came out with post-graduate qualifications! Go figure!

We have 4.5 kids between us and are more like family than friends. This means you can be assured that We ain’t boring comes from a genuine place. We both love hot chocolates, Netflix and eating – not necessarily in that order! Oh and Ryan Gosling. How could we forget him?!

Our hearts are so full of love and hope and we thank you for taking the time to see what we’re all about. Means heaps to us! We know this is just the beginning and we want to expand into other products in the future. Long term we would love to provide employment opportunities for those just needing a break, an opportunity and people who believe in them.

We have done all of this at night once the kids are down, or sometimes with them in tow. There has been some funny/not so funny #mumswithhustle moments including going to the bank with all our kids in tow to get the finances sorted. Let’s just say toddlers trashing a Bank front shop while opening up an account is an interesting experience! 😉 But we wouldn’t have it any way. We love our lives, our families, friends and community.

My mum Jilli is Soudalay’s ‘second mum’ and has been our inspiration. Mum taught us both about compassion, to always keep striving for your dreams and to never give up. Her untimely death due to Brain Cancer in 2014 taught us both that life is far too short and all that matters is the love and kindness you give out. Mum called Canberra home for over thirty years. We really feel she is with us on this We ain’t boring journey and she will always be part of our squad.

I have to also mention the super talented Rachel Platt from Shenton & Thrello for creating our amazing logo and artwork. Rach is da bomb and has put up with endless changes from us. Thanks for being our soul sister Rach and believing in us!*

While I’m at it, I have to give a shout out to our numbers man David Harvey. He is a Canberran from waay back and we are so blessed to have him in our corner, as anyone who went to school with Soud and me know – we are numerically challenged. Having him on board means all the numbers are lined up.

I really hope you join our We aint boring tribe. We are looking for helping hands and would love it if you wanted to pitch in. Even if you don’t live in the ‘berra you can still share the love. We will have virtual bottles for sale so you can directly contribute to the cause. Even just sharing our story means the world to us.

Our website is now live! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget the hashtag #weaintboringcbr . I’ll also keep sharing through the LOVEFLOCK social media accounts.

If you want to get in touch, please do so by just emailing hello@weaintboringcbr.com .


Much love,

Em xx

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  1. Awesome initiative. Was just talking yesterday about the ridiculous monopoly coke has on the bottled water market. You’ll have to go national once things kick off.

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