Raw Courage




Today I witnessed raw courage …

Hubby, the kids and I went to visit our dear friends whose gorgeous baby has just had open heart surgery in Westmead Children’s Hospital. A baby who was born seven weeks premmie. A boy who has tubes feeding him, giving him drugs and a breathing mask. A baby who is soo loved and wanted with two big brothers – one living on Earth, the other in heaven.

This boy is named Luca which means ‘light’ in Italian and that is what he truly is. I saw today all the goodness, kindness and giving that radiates from everyone around him. I see the fighter in him and the strength of a lion in a teeny tiny body.

Luca with his mummy.

Luca with his mummy.

It took so much in me not to cry when I met him. But my inner tears were so mixed. Some were in sadness seeing a boy fighting so hard, some were in awe for medicine, surgeons and nurses who are completely talented and giving. Some for me simply because seeing such a young soul being so courageous is overwhelming and puts everything back into perspective. Others were for all those children born in war torn gloom such as those poor souls in Aleppo, Syria.


The Intensive Care Unit has been decorated as Narnia for Christmas. So fitting.

But honestly, they were mainly for my friend. This incredible woman, surviving on hardly any sleep or food, sleeping at the hospital hostel on the other side of the city, missing her four year old desperate for cuddles from him on his visits in with his dad. She stood in front of me today as a survivor, fighter and the embodiment of love. I saw her weariness but also her determination. A lioness who will do anything and everything for her family.

Her husband is incredible as well. Having a chat to him he said “you cannot worry, it is no use. All you can do is smile, have hope and take on what life gives you”. Such a legend.

So while I’m all for keeping it real, making jokes about the struggle of mummyhood, tonight I feel guilty. Guilty that I have ever complained about anything.

Please all go and give your loved ones a hug, or call them and say how much you love them. And please send a wish/prayer/vibe to darling Luca, his lioness mum and all the people around him.

Much love,
Em X

ps. The universe gives us signs, with courage obviously being the flavour at the moment. Yesterday I bought a print with this quote, and I saw it again in the hospital today:

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


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