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Tonight Kaitlyn Catchpole from Tinsel and Turkey shares on how to toddler-proof your Christmas tree … 


You may have already put your Christmas Tree up and are now finding that little fingers are finding their way to all the shiny decorations and presents. Your tree is under constant surveillance – surely you can’t do this for the rest of the month! Here are some ways to toddler-proof your Christmas Tree this year. Also note – these work well for puppies too!


1. Baby gate
A baby gate is a perfect option to put a barrier between your inquisitive baby and your beautiful tree. And I know some toddlers are more inquisitive than others, so it may not keep them out completely, but it will at a minimum act as a delaying tactic and give you that few extra moments to distract them away.

2. Bells on the bottom of the tree
I love this one as bells are something you may already have in your decoration collection. Strategically placing them at the bottom of the tree means you will know the moment your little person has approached the tree. A warning bell, if you will.

3. An alternate tree
We have taken this option and picked up a Palm Christmas Tree from Big W, however they seem to be out of stock at the moment. All the decorations are up high so no temptation for curious fingers. Another good option is Christmas tree decals. You can pick these up lots of places, like two dollar shops but here is a very pretty example with lights included.



4. Shelfie
A good friend of mine inspired this idea! Instead of putting up a tree, she has assembled a Christmas shelf. A mantel piece/shelf dedicated to lights, candles, tinsel and Christmas ornaments. You can have as many fragile things as you like! It’s too high for any wandering fingers.




5. Small tree, up high
Instead of your usual tree, maybe for the next few years invest in a small tree that you can put on the dining table or another high area. You could even get a nice small live tree for that yummy pine small – but with fewer pine needles. And this doubles as a beautiful centrepiece! Everyone’s a winner!



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