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In the spirit of #wabkindess challenge, I want to share a recent random act of kindness that happened to me …

Lately I have had a bunch of kindness thrown my way when out with the kids. The Big W and Kmart Queens swiping and bagging my shopping when my arms were full. The man without being asked, offering up the comfy chair at the GP’s office so I could breastfeed in comfort. The lovely nurses in emergency providing comfort and sound advice when Rosa got bronchiolitis AGAIN. Each act may have been so simple and easy, but made a big change to my day. However, one was an absolute knockout which shall be forever known as the specialist appointment …

I had to get my thyroid checked as it was playing up when preggas (thankfully all good now). This appointment was always going to be tricky – on a Thursday afternoon. This meant I would have all three kids with me and they would be tired. To top it off I had promised the boys to go out that morning for good behaviour (how ironic for what was to come). I had set the bribe – a snake lolly each if they behaved. I repeated this bribe about 469764228998443 times on the drive to the other side of town. The whining was increasing, the boys were annoying each other and my anxiety had started bubbling “just breathe”.

We get to the waiting room with zero toys in it. Leo wants to watch shows on my phone. Fine, totally worth killing all my data for some peace. Leo and Ari started to fight super loudly about who could hold the phone. Oh, and thyroid guy aka endocrinologist, shares his office with my mum’s old oncologist, so nothing better than really nervous, really sick people dealing with this set up. At this point Rosa decides to do a pooplosion and Leo starts complaining the phone screen is too small for his liking! #WTF #whoisthischild. This is when the divine Queens who run the office stepped in.

They offered to watch the boys while I raced downstairs to the change table, sort out Bub and race back up. I then start apologising for the kids crappy behaviour, and with all honesty say ‘this is the worst I’ve ever seen them’. They were so cool about it with ‘been there, done that’ sort of comments.

Finally it is our turn to go in. Except Leo and Ari are fighting so bad that I can’t even hear the doctor with my test results. Leo is screaming and rolling on the floor. Ari is pulling at my sleeve and Rosa is on my lap laughing at it all! Even the Doctor laughed and said ‘at least she is entertained by her brothers’ #anotherexampleofkindness .

At this point one of the Queens comes in, takes Ari (Leo refused to go) with the iPhone playing Dinotrux to entertain him. What an angel! No judgement (well not verbal anyway) just kindness in action.

Medical issues were discussed in record time, I dragged those three out of there, apologising profusely and thanking the Queens on the way out.

Fair to say the long drive home was full of ‘no, you aren’t getting a snake, you weren’t good’ and me wishing it was bed time already.

But it could have been a lot worse. The rad ladies didn’t have to be kind and try their best to help resolve the situation. Instead, they could have acted like kids are an inconvenience, made judgy faces and rude remarks. Or could have pretended to ignore us.

But they chose compassion. They chose to help a mumma out and they made that day one I’ll never forget, but for the right reasons.

I love hearing about acts of kindness, especially in a world that can be so cruel so please share with me by leaving a comment! I also encourage you to join the #wabkindness challenge! Follow @weaintboringwomen on Instagram to learn more.

Em x

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  1. You are bloody amazing! I never would have attempted that appointment with 1 kid! Hahah
    I’m just now gaining confidence to take 1 both kids to any appointment!

    • Haha more like crazy!!
      Ari was sick so couldn’t leave them with anyone else with kids, which is everyone I know who is free on a Thursday.
      You amaze me all the time! Totes supermum x

  2. Em babes I feel your pain. As always, you did an amazing job and got through it. Please next time, drop 1 or all 3 off. You know we love them, tantrums and all ox

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