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Georgie King is a Woman We Love. At 26 she is working at the helm of two businesess – GLK Nannies a boutique nanny agency in Canberra, and The Women’s Collective, a community of awesome women that’s online and events based. Georgie has been in Canberra for the last 10 or so years, and was born and raised in Sydney. She is slightly obssessed with entreprenuerialism and her miniature sausage dog. 

Georgie is also a total sweetheart. Proof of this was when I had a shocker morning with anxiety, she came straight over with a hot chocolate and a chat. I sat down with Georgie to discuss being a Girlboss, women supporting women and the importance of self-care …


LOVEFLOCK: You are one busy #GIRLBOSS, can you tell us a bit about your current businesses and your role in them? 

Georgie: I own and run two businesses GLK Nannies and The Women’s Collective. I started GLK Nannies at 23, after spending the better part of 5 years working as a nanny through uni and after uni. I started the agency after being fully booked with clients and turning down enquiry after enquiry for my services. I had initially thought that I would take on one girl to send my overflow jobs to and mentor her in the profession, whilst facilitating those tricky interactions between nanny and client. Flash forward nearly 3 years and we have a team of 20 nannies, and a client base of over 150 families.

The Women’s Collective was also born out of organic experiences. Whist in the midst of setting up the agency I found myself isolated and struggling with the monumenous task I unknowingly taken on! I stumbled upon a wonderful mentoring relationship with a nannying client who had a background in PR and Marketing and together we spurred eachother on and it made a real difference ,getting together to run the TWC Inaugral Start Up Conference. After that event TWC was born. Wanting to create and foster a community of women who are supportive, and working together to acheive amaazing things, TWC is now a FB and Instagram community of over 6k, and the newly published website with has a directory of local businesses and events calendar for local events.




LOVEFLOCK: You completed a teaching degree but decided to go out on your own with your nanny business. What created this change of heart? 

Georgie: I completed a degree in Education but clashed with the profession which was suprising and difficult realisation to come to. I found that I was not interested in the linear pathway of teaching, and the reserved and detached manner in which we are teachers we encouraged to work. After spending most of my younger years babysitting and nannying,I wanted to work with children in a capacity where I could truly nurture and love them, so I returned to nannying.


LOVEFLOCK: Starting your own business requires bravery, a certain level of risk and a strong belief in yourself. Can you please share about the time you took this leap?

Georgie: The leap of faith was enormous! It was and still is such a scary time building the business to commercial success. Throughout starting the agency and building TWC I’ve remained working as a nanny dropping down to part time as things got busier. When the agency first started I was working fulltime as a nanny, doing one or multiple home visits to new clients after work between 5-7pm, doing emails and keeping up to date with the social media accounts before, during and after hours, oh and not to mention laying awake worried and anxious about all the things that could go wrong at night!


LOVEFLOCK: what do you think are the key factors in being successful in business? 

Georgie: There are two that I swear by; being genuine and consistent. If you’re not genuine in your intention for the business, no amount of marketing or PR or hard work can overcome it. I never set out to be rich, or to be successful, I just saw a gap in a service that I could provide and decided to go for it. My clients resonate with me because they can tell that I really love and see the value in what I do for families. Second to that is being consistent as possible in every area of your business experience and client relations. People want to know that you’re reliable!


LOVEFLOCK: You are a strong believer in women supporting women which is what LOVEFLOCK is all about! Is this what started The Women’s Collective? Can you tell us more about it? 

Georgie: Absolutely! I come from a family of strong women so supporting and championing women is in my blood! (My mother is very proud!) The Women’s Collective is a place where everyone is welcome, can feel valued and their thoughts valid! I really push back the “cool club” vibe, because I think it’s inauthentic and intimidating. Didn’t we leave the bitchiness back in highschool?? If you’re part of the Women’s Collective no matter who you are, or what stage you’re at on your business journey, you’re welcome at our mingles, events, conference, everything!


LOVEFLOCK: With everything going on in your life, self-care must be essential to avoid burn out. How do you keep your wellbeing in check? 

Georgie: Self-care is essential! Mental illness in the form of depression has plagued me in general for a very long time so I’m particular focused on ensure my self-care is a priority daily. I’m the first to admit I can be a bit lazy when it comes to exercise so that’s not a huge focus for me. I’m very focused on resting and eating healthy. Allergies mean I’m gluten free, and largely dairy, grain, yeast and sugar free too. Self care to me means fuelling my body with good food and making sure I’ve got some time daily for Netflix or a good book!


LOVEFLOCK: Can you please share any advice for our Lovelies who want to take the leap to starting their own businesses?

Georgie: Firstly, don’t get swept away by the “high” of finding a business idea that you love. It’s boring but take time to carefully think the plan out, enquire about the legalities of your business plan, spend time on your audience research and branding, above all make sure that it’s something that you can be consumed with 24/7 without getting sick of it because you will live and breath your business!

A few practical pieces of advice would also be make sure you pay tax from the first dollar you earn! Stay on top of your business bills, pay them immediately when they come and try not to set up your business on credit if you can! When I started GLK Nannies I thought carefully about every expense, paid the start up cost straight away, paid all my taxed and on that front I’ve never had an issue with cash flow or tax bills! It’s one less thing to worry about.

You can join The Women’s Collective Facebook group and follow on Instagram.

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