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Hey Lovelies,

With only a few weeks to go before I do the the Canberra Times 5km Fun Run I thought I would give you a progress report, seeing I also use LOVEFLOCK as an accountability tool! If you missed the first post on this mission, you can find it here.

Doing your best
I had about two weeks off training thanks to constant rain and getting sick. This put me in a real downer because I was determined to do the 5km in a reasonable time. Two weeks out of action wasn’t going to help achieve this. But it happened and I couldn’t do anything about it. As a result, I have adjusted my goals from ‘finishing in a great time’ and ‘not stopping once’ to ‘training at every available opportunity’ and ‘keep going no matter what, even if you have to stop for a second’. I’m learning to be kinder to myself and adjusting goals is not only OK but great. Doing your best in your current circumstances is all we need to do. I know this sounds totally patronising but it is true. I know, I can see your eyes rolling, but why do we say ‘you just have to do your best’ to our kids but don’t apply it to ourselves? I have found by adjusting my mindset I’m more motivated, less stressed about it and I’m sure the results will follow.

The right kicks make a difference
Yesterday I finally went and bought a decent pair of runners. Oh my gosh! I did not know how much runners cost these days?!?!? Shows how long I have been wearing my old ones for. My first choice were over $200 but I found a good pair on sale at $120. Took them out for a spin today and the difference is massive. I’ve come home and my feet aren’t sore (just my legs) and I felt comfortable the whole time. So my advice is – invest in a pair of runners, you won’t regret it.


Have your pram ready to roll
Having your pram ready to go makes it a lot easier to get out the door and hitting the pavement. I have two prams and keep one in the boot of the car and the jogging one on our covered deck. I keep a drink bottle on it as well so I can easily find it and fill it up. It is also great for when your Bub falls asleep on the way home – you just wheel them inside and go and stretch/eat/collapse. I have only done one session without the pram since I’ve started. I’m hoping it will act like resistance training so if I do the fun run without it I will feel so free and faster. Though there is something symbolically cool about going over the finish line with your kid, so I’ll actually decide on the day if I’m going solo or not.

Fitness trackers can lie
I just did 5km but my Garmin is reading 1.65km. I know I did 5km because I did a 3km plus 2km loops near my house. Not sure if it doesn’t pick up my steps when my hand is on the pram, or I’m wearing it incorrectly, whatever the case just don’t take your device’s word as gospel!


You will never regret going that extra kilometre
As i mentioned earlier, to complete my usual 5km I do a hilly 3km loop and then a flat 2km loop in my suburb. I’m still feeling under the weather (green snot anyone), so every time I complete the 3km I’m tempted to go home. But I don’t, because I know I’ll never regret doing the full 5km but I will be mad at myself if I didn’t. Even if you go slow and stop a few times, listen to Nike and ‘just do it’.


So that is how I’m tracking at the moment. Have you ever adjusted your fitness goals to keep you going? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Em x

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