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Packing had always made me anxious. I seriously can’t remember I time when it didn’t. A trip overseas would have me practically hyperventilating. I’m not sure exactly why I felt this way, but it always led to over packing with lots of ‘just in case’ items stuffed into my falling apart suitcase.


But thanks to embracing a capsule wardrobe mentality it no longer stresses me! Three days ago I packed for our three week stint with the in-laws up at the Sunshine Coast. I found myself enjoying the packing process?!? WTF?!? Is this the high Type As talk about when everything is organised?? If so, I want a bit more A in my life (not that type of A**, I know you thought it)!


Everyone has their own take on what exactly a capsule wardrobe and minimalist dressing means. But the basics are:


  1. You must love every single item in your wardrobe. In a minimalist wardrobe you love how you feel in each piece and would be happy to wear it ‘right now’. Get rid of the items that you don’t feel comfortable and confident in. Not only does this mean you can feel good in all your threads, you will also benefit from taking less time to get ready and be free of ‘clothes clutter’ which can only be a good thing for your mental health along with less laundry.
  2. Staple pieces are included that can be worn with multiple items thus creating more looks with less. For example, denim shorts that can be worn with any of your t-shirts and shirts, or a skirt that can day you from work, drinks and weekends. Keep one bag that you can use for work, the weekend and when out with the kids – versatility is key.


There is no real rule as to how many clothes you can keep if trying this out. Some people like to take part in challenges such as Project 333 where you wear 33 items for 3 months. The rest of your clothes are packed away and rotated out for each season. You could even go as hardcore as The Minimalists Co-Founder Joshua Fields Millburn who lives out of a carry-on bag for a whole year!


Recently I had a mini makeover by some girlfriends. I was feeling mega blue about my general appearance after getting in the ‘I have a newborn/on maternity leave/leggings will suffice for all activities’ rut. Many winter mornings I shoved a jumper over what I wore to bed, braless and all, as I dashed to school drop off. I was physically comfortable but as Rosalina got older I had let this stage run too long. I’m not being dramatic when I say I had really lost myself. It is incredible the power clothes and some makeup can have.


This is when my friends introduced me to Decjuba and my wardrobe and confidence changed. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST but just have to share the love for my big boob and Joey pouch Lovelies (Decjuba reps, if you want to take your chances with a small time blogger I’M YOUR GIRL)! Finding a t-shirt that looked good on me had been a futile mission until I discovered the Decjuba Luxe Boyfriend Tees. They skim and hug in all the right places so you can walk out of the house knowing you look decent and won’t be asked when the twins are due! At around the $40  mark they aren’t cheap, but I waited for another sale (Decjuba is always having sales and you get 10% off everything if you are a member, majority of items in this post were purchased on sale) and bought three more tees in different colours. Wished they washed a bit better than they do but they are pretty good. There is no point in me purchasing cheap tops from Kmart and expecting to look and feel great. They just don’t cut for my body type. So capsule/minimalist dressing has an element of investing in quality upfront. I have also been able to pick up a few pairs of shorts and other pieces from this Mecca. Throw in a few items from other shops and I had a great base for my summer wardrobe.


So what has this got to do with packing? Well I’ve decided to use my packed bag as a capsule wardrobe test. If I don’t miss anything I didn’t pack then I know I can live without the rest of my items at home. This will only be for summer wear, as living in Canberra I need winter gear and going back to work means corporate clothes as well.


So here is what I have packed, taking into account I have easy access to a washing machine at my in-laws. Oh and excuse the non-perfect photos, my boys insisted in jumping on the bed and ruining the piles, I couldn’t get a shot without my feet when standing on the bed, and most of it is crinkled because ironing is lameo.



My capsule wardrobe

From Decjuba:

-Four Decjuba Luxe Boyfriend Tees in neutral tones to easily mix and match

Sapporo Boyfriend Denim short. I couldn’t fit into these at my original mini make over shop, but have been embracing a healthier lifestyle and now can do so had to buy them.

Positano Drawstring short. Super comfy and versatile, can dress up or down.

Sorrento Star Print shirt. I have worn this shirt a bunch and will wear it to work as well. Bonus is it doesn’t need ironing. Yew!

-Bell sleeve top. Love it as covers my tuck shop lady arms and adds a bit of style and class without being OTT (no longer online).

Medium Hunger Project pouch. Perfect size if you only have one or none of the kids with you. Super cute and 100% of proceeds goes to The Hunger Project.


Decjuba capsule wardrobe

Everything else:

Witchery Button Chambray Dress. Versatile and great for breastfeeding.

-Target Black shirt dress. I love this dress and already got so much wear from it. Again great for feeding, covers my ‘see you later’ arms and a decent length meaning it will be a work staple as well (no longer online).

-Maternity swimmers – need to update these as feeling bit big now especially as my boobs are starting to sag even more WAAH!

-Roxy black long sleeve zip through rashie. I love this rashie soo much! Asked for one for my b’day last year and it’s the best. Super easy on and off, breastfeeding friendly and slimming. Mine is like this one, just with a different logo style.

-H&M pineapple tee

-H&M throw over dress with pockets which I love and a steal for $20. Great for the beach or just after a dip in the in-laws pool.

-Two pairs of light ‘hippie’ pants. One from Big W and the other from a Sportsgirl sales bin years ago. They are fun and perfect for ‘non shaved legs’ days.

-Five pairs of underwear that are all ridiculously old with most of them being older than two of my kids and the rest are my post-caesarean high waisted ones. Yep, I’m totes sexy. Really need to get this situation sorted.

-Activewear that I have had for over three years made up of some Target running shorts and an old Witchery tee that has stood the test of time. I will mention here the AMAZING Cake Lingerie Maternity Sports Bra. It is fantastic and I can jog with a supportive crop top over it (need double support to strap these girls down). I will be doing a review on this bra over at Stay Put Girls when we finally get our act together.

Kmart Woven Panama Hat for $9. Finally a hat that has a nice shape, does the job and fits my melon head.

-Three pairs of footwear – a pair of joggers, a $3 pair of Kmart thongs and my favourite sandals from last year at CottonOn.

-Zara denim jacket from when I could fit into Zara’s clothes. Brought this along in case I get cold at the movies or the gods get mad and make it cold on the Sunshine Coast.

-PJs including feeding singlets and my favourite pair from Kmart’s last summer season.

-A book, two magazines, medications, laptop, bit of jewellery and toiletries.

Wearing my fave sandals when I was mega preggas and couldn’t reach my toes to paint them.

Wearing my fave sandals when I was mega preggas and couldn’t reach my toes to paint them.

Just took this snap in the Kmart hat on our way to Noosa! Yew!

Just took this snap in the Kmart hat on our way to Noosa! Yew!

Phew! After writing all that I feel like that I have packed too much but being here it hasn’t felt that way at all. I have had something to wear yet have done some washing so know I haven’t gone overboard.


Tell me what type of packer are you? Got any tips on a capsule wardrobe! Help me out by leaving a comment!


Much love,

Em x

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  1. LOVED reading this! It’s all so absolutely true, less or more and learning how to pack this way is such a relief! Also, adore this sandals 🙌🏻❤️

    • Thanks Kim!!
      Means A LOT coming from such an amazing stylist!
      So far I haven’t worn everything and think I could of eliminated a few more pieces, but want to have some dressier options just in case.

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