Hold on to hope – mini post



Hey Lovelies,

Yesterday I felt so much inner peace and joy. Everything felt like the planets aligned and were in our favour. All the elements were on point – the weather, the ocean, the kids weren’t whinging, we met up with dear friends, found easy car parks, ate yummy food and Rosalina managed to stay chilled without an arvo nap. But the biggest difference was internal. I felt at peace with myself and my body. It was bliss.

I want to share this with you because I think it is important not to only share my struggles with you but also my joys. To represent the myriad of experiences in this rainbow of life. I’m not talking about the pretentious ‘look at my perfect life’ kind of posts because nothing is perfect or permanent. Rather, I’m sharing to offer some hope. That if you find yourself in the darkness today, please know I have spent a lot of time in the pits as well, and will probably again as that is the way with life. But darkness makes the good times sweeter. Please hold on. A joyful afternoon might be a few hours, weeks, months or even years away for you, but it is coming. Stand in that hope.

Much love,
Em x

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