MINI POST: Packing a capsule wardrobe review

Hey Lovelies,

Today we are packing up after our three week stay at the Sunshine Coast with my in laws.

I wanted to give you a quick update on how I went with the capsule wardrobe I packed.

I didn’t miss any of my clothes at home so I will be getting rid of a bunch of tees, shorts and feeding singlets I wear to bed, when we get back.

I will also be downsizing my bathroom drawers as I didn’t use all the toiletries/products I packed as well.

I didn’t end up wearing these four items:
-Denim jacket from Zara as it has been too hot.
-Hippie style Sportsgirl pants
-Black shirt dress from Target.
-white shirt with stars from Decjuba



I could also of gone without my Pom Pom sandals as I only wore them once or twice, up here you can wear thongs anywhere and I wore them most of the time.

Packing today was heaps easier than usual and I didn’t feel the need to go and shop. Hoping next trip I can become even more ruthless with my packing.

I’ve also signed up for a minimalist challenge and looking forward to get stuck into it more when home. I’ve realised living with less is a process and gets easier as your practice it.

Did you go away over Christmas and New Years? How did you go with your packing? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Em x

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  1. Well done! I always find it much easier in summer and warmer climates but I get over excited about bringing all my ‘favourites’ I forget I always wear the same thing or could easily repeat or restyle some essentials.
    Project 333 is a great concept to look into too!

    • Thanks Bec!
      You are soo right – a lot easier in summer time! Plus the washing dries so quickly!!
      Nothing beats being all rugged up in your favourite trackies and jumper on a cold day, regardless of it is stylish or not! 😂
      Thanks for reading!
      Em x
      Ps. Thought I had replied here already but didn’t show up – sorry, wasn’t being rude! Xx

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