Leaving home

Hey Lovelies,

It is a bit of a bad kept secret, but I want you all to know because I tell you all (mostly all) the things in my life…

I’m leaving CBR

Yep, that is right. This born and raised, never lived anywhere else, Canberra loving Gal is waving goodbye to the excellent standard of living, crisp fresh air, amazing education system, the gorgeous autumn leaves, the laid back yet cultural vibe for another destination. Why would this Belco Girl who has round-a-bouts running through her veins go anywhere else…

Because of this.

And this.

Plus this.

Yep, the stars have aligned and we are heading to the Sunshine Coast. The dream of having the beach down the road and wearing thongs all-year-round is becoming a reality.

Now, I need to put a disclaimer in here. Things may not work out. There are some moving parts, but it is 95.5% certain at the end of the year my little tribe will be setting up shop in maroon country.

But I want to tell you now because I want to share this with you. And I need you. I need all your advice on how to manage a move from selling/buying homes, settling in kids, feeling homesick and fitting into a new community when you have only ever been in one.

To many this wouldn’t be such a big deal. But for me it is huge. Because I LOVE CBR. She is divine and has been so good to me. I will never diss her because she is home and always will be.

But the the universe is calling me to take the next step. Even with the uncertainty it just feels right. Like I know everything will be OK. I mean, even before I met Nath a psychic told me I would marry a guy of Italian descendant and set up home in the Sunshine State 🔮

The opportunity to be connected daily to the ocean, for Hubby to be able to surf and therefore easier to live with 😝 For the kids to have grandparents just 10mins away, and hopefully a more chilled lifestyle, this is a chance worth taking. Plus if it all goes downhill I will share all I have learnt with you Lovelies.

I’m going to miss my family and soul sisters, I know it will hurt my bones and my heart. The only option is to WhatsApp them daily of pics of paradise to make them visit.

I want to tell you now as I’m just about to fly up and check out schools and real estate. If it all goes to plan, we won’t be relocating until December so seems ages away, but this year is flying so I’m sure will sneak up real quick.

So Lovelies, tell me ALL.THE.THINGS!!

Have you ever moved from your home town? How did you manage it? Any tips?? Help me out! PLEASE!

And Canberra, you will never be rid of me. Once a Belco Chick, always a Belco Chick.

All my love,

Em x

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  1. Stroudy!! This is SO EXCITING!!! I kinda felt like you might move here one day! Yes… it is hard. Yes, it takes time. Yes, there will be tears and ‘wtf did we do’. Rent first. Give yourself time to settle before you jump in to a new house purchase. Patience with the kids is key. They will curse you for making them leave their friends and may struggle to adjust to school/daycare but they WILL adjust. Join the library/gym/look for social groups to connect with new friends (I met my best friend when I moved to Canberra and some AMAZING people who are still in my life when I moved to London and Perth). Do the school runs. That’s where my sister met some great new friends. Use the grandparents. To let you and Nath go on date nights to reconnect and talk about how things are going. You need each other. Give yourself time. Making friends is HARD (I found Perth particularly tough) but be yourself, don’t change for anyone and know while they may not be close, your friends will always be there for you. I feel closer than ever to my two besties – one is in Sydney and one is in Canberra. Hit me up with any other q’s. I’ve moved a lot! My sister also moved her fam from a very solid and happy home / school in Perth to Bris sold a business and a house then bought here so she can offer great advice too. Xoxoxo

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