Six reasons why Girls Trips are the best.

Is there anything better than a girls trip??

Nope, no there isn’t.

Travelling with your family can be rad, but a Girls Trip puts the fun and intimacy of school slumber parties on steroids.

I used to love slumber parties and when I reached clubbing I used to have friends crash at mine after because:

  1. I lived in a granny flat at the back of my folks #score
  2. I was always designated driver, so much easier to lug everyone home than do multiple drop offs.

I cannot praise Girls Trips enough but here are six reasons why girl trips are the best.

1. Time with no distractions.

It’s pretty impossible these days to get quality time with your soul sisters. ‘Adulting’ takes over leaving us only grabbing our friends with handsfree phone calls made between work and school pick up, and text marathons whilst you are pretending to be asleep so your toddler will go to bed. We love our friends but when work, kids, partners and responsibilities are sucking us dry, our relationships suffer. A trip away means hours of time to reconnect.

2. A chance to get deep and meaningful.

Nothing like a few hours in the car or lounging around after a few drinks to get the deep and meaningful conversations going.

Questions such as ‘what do you think happens when you die’? and ‘do you think I’m fucking up my kid’? are explored.

These type of convos can only be shared with those women you trust and love dearly. I love having these challenging convos. And if your Partner is anything like mine, you will just get shrugs and two word replies when trying to approach such matters with them. Best to stick with your Soul Sisters with this one.

Love D&Ms with these two.

3. Kids are welcome

I have taken my babies on Girls Trips, mainly due to them being stuck to the boob at the time and also in my belly when knocked up. Neither of these scenarios have caused any issues and it means you have multiple Aunties with you to share the load.

Girls Trips have also allowed Soul Sisters living in other states to have time with my offspring.

But let’s be honest, nothing beats being kid free with your Lovelies. I had the BEST SLEEP OF MY LIFE a few months back on a Girls Trip in the Gong (Wollongong for you not in the know). I closed my eyes at night, and when I opened them it was late morning. It felt like a blink sent from heaven. You get to eat in peace, do a poo on your own AND don’t have to listen to the Wiggles once. You will all talk about your kids a lot but it is a small price to pay for a stay away 😜

Rosalina with some of her Aunties in Beechworth

Rosalina with some of her Aunties on a Girls Trip.

4. Exploring new destinations

Discovering new places is one of my all time favourite pleasures, doing it with your Soul Sisters is the cherry on top. They can be international, a few hours drive away or even a staycation. It is all fresh and new when you are with your Gals.

My dear Soul Sister on our New York trip. Look up EMnEMNY for all the recaps of this life changing trip

5. It’s affordable.

A bunch of Lovelies and I stole this idea of budgeting a trip once a year together. We pick somewhere between Canberra and Melbourne (the two locations we now all reside) to make the drive for everyone bearable. I know of Lovelies who go a step further and create a ‘Girls Trip fund’ which they all direct debit into fortnightly, with the pool of money at the end paying for all travel, accommodation and food!

6. It is a break from reality that acts like a reset button equaling ultimate self care.

Do you love Girl Trips? Why do you love them? Let me know!

Much love,

Em x

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