Last time I went overseas it was to NYC with my Soul Sister Em. Each night we would post a daily recap for you all (check out #EmNEmNY posts for a trip down memory lane).

It was an awesome way to daily reflect and express gratitude. It also meant we were able to share tips we might otherwise forgotten. And most importantly, it allowed you Lovelies to come along for the ride.

So this week I’m doing the same thing, though can’t guarantee a post every single day, because you know #pinacoladas and #mumlyfe might interrupt us. Welcome to #BULALOVEFLOCK !!

Last year my in-laws announced they were generously taking all the kids and grandkiddies on a week’s holiday to celebrate them both turning sixty and retiring! WHOOP! WHOOP!

Denarau Island in Fiji was the selected destination which is where we now find ourselves staying at the Raddison Blu resort.

All my in-laws live in the Sunshine State and flew out of Brisvegas. We woke up at 3am and drove to Sydney for our flight. We all met at Nadi airport and got a mini bus transfer to Denarau.

Denarau is about a 20-30minute drive from Nadi and connected to the mainland by a small bridge.

Denarau is set up for tourists with several resorts, a golf course, water park and a port that Island cruises depart from.

After a few first world problems mishaps including:

-getting my period on the flight, including a leak through! I realised my dire situation as we were told to buckle up for descent. I called over the flight attendant, asked if I could rush to the loo, girl code prevailed as she said yes and asked if ‘I had stuff on me’, which thank heavens I did! Rushed in only to have the door banged on to make me hurry up. At this point I fell in love with my fave cardigan even more as it was the perfect ‘tie around my waist/act like I’m just embracing the nineties revival, ass cover’.

-Rosalina deciding to do FIVE runny poos on the plane.

-my fake tan leaking through my bag and then almost crying in relief knowing we had a washing machine in our apartment which did the job.

-my new Kmart swimmers straps breaking as I tried to put them on – simultaneously relieved I bought two pairs from Kmart and pissed off I had promoted them on Insta a few nights before.

I was back on track to start enjoying what Radisson Blu has to offer!

After a chilled late arvo and early dinner we all went to bed. Waking up to a view of palms, the ocean and a warm breeze set my soul at ease.

We spent the day playing with the kids in the various pools, including one with a rad kids’ slide! We also got to feed fish as the staff bring down the uneaten bread from the night before. The kids loved it and I may have let out a few lameo squeals as I felt some fish bang into my feet!

This is one of my sissy-in-laws with her cutie pootie!

A lazy afternoon involving pinacoladas whilst sunset gazing was topped off by eating delicious pineapple fried rice for dinner.

Here are some tips (will hopefully be able to add more on each post) …

*Pack lots of food from Oz – the food here is very expensive and swimming = kids demanding and devouring snacks. Lucky we were warned beforehand and packed a whole small/weekender suitcase full of snacks, baby formula, cheese, cereal, spreads (vegemite and peanut butter), noodles, pasta, pasta sauce and tin tuna. You can bring in most things just as long as they are sealed and you declare them. This means we can eat breakfast every morning in our room and only buy one meal out a day (either lunch or dinner). We will be heading into Nadi on Tuesday to do a produce run to check out where the locals shop (and for the much cheaper prices).

*Having a washing machine has been awesome. Not only allows for packing less, it means you can consistently have fresh clothes which is a massive perk in the humid weather #sofreshsoclean

*You know how in some countries you don’t burn as much as you do back home? Fiji isn’t one of them. The sun is strong and you will burn. Lots of sunblock and sun smart behaviour is recommended!

Leo loving the waterslide!

*Use all the resort perks including planned fun! Lots of free activities are hosted each day. We intend to do a lot of them! From adult only kava to kids’ games and activities. Only thing is they aren’t always on when advertised, like tonight we showed up for coconut tasting and basket weaving but no one showed!

*Don’t forget to pack some new toys/activities for your kids. We bought the boys some LEGO and activity books which have been the perfect distractions to allow Rosalina to have a nap in peace, or to let us lie in for another hour uninterrupted.

*Happy hour is rad. Do it.

*Give in to the experience. Honestly, I never saw myself as a ‘resort holiday’ person. I figured if I’m travelling overseas I want to be deep diving into a different culture and experiencing all the sights. But now I get it and I’m embracing the family friendly resort type of va-cay. I totally get why people keep coming back again and again.

I’m struggling to keep my eyes open so will leave it here. Apologies for any typos/grammar mistakes!! Writing this all on my phone in the ‘notes’ section.

Tomorrow we are going on an half day cruise!! Yay!!

Much love,

Em x

Ps. You ever been to Fiji? What are your tips??

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  1. Great insights
    What sunscreen are you using?
    Great tips for the snacks
    How was the Kava? Was sugar added?
    How’s the weather? Has it rained?
    I hear you can travel to the other resorts and use their facilities.

    • Heya Lovely!
      The weather has been great so far but thunder storm and rain forecast for the next few days. I’ll let you know if it is just a little bit each day or the whole day.
      Using whatever sunscreen is lying around from home so a bunch of different brands!
      You can totally use the other resorts facilities. There is a path on the beachfront connecting them.

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