BULA LOVEFLOCK – Day Three aka South Sea Island


South Sea Island

South Sea Island

Some days make you feel like heaven is on Earth. Today was that kinda day.

We wanted to spend a day in tropical paradise on one of those islands they use on postcards and tourism ads – white sand, crystal clear water, good food, drinking and chilling. And we got it!

We booked a half day package to spend time out on South Sea Island which is part of the Mamanuca Islands. South Sea Island is surrounded by a coral lagoon and is a 30 minute boat ride from Port Denarau.


Approaching paradise

Our package included Port bus transfers, boat ride out, all you can eat buffet lunch (which was soo yummy including fish, beef, chicken, rice dishes and salad), unlimited drinks (beer, white and red wines, soft drinks, juices, water, tea and coffee), a traditional Meke performance of dancing and singing, access to snorkelling, diving, kayaking, SUPing, pool and all the comfy hammocks and lounge beds to take in the paradise views.

Best spot for Rosa’s nap

We also went on the semi-submersible coral viewer. Basically it is a vessel with a glass bottom. You sit inside and get to see all the incredible sea life! Coral and dazzling fish were seen! It was amazing but it made me feel super sea sick and thought I was about to vom on everyone. It took a long time to feel better so avoid if you are prone to sea sickness!


This cutie didn’t want to leave his Daddy whilst performing ☺️


We walked around the island in about 10mins flat, had a swim in the warm water and chilled out.


Leo pointing out a coral fossil

Rosa cranky her fav (aka her Dad) left for two seconds to grab another beer 😂

Honestly if you come to Fiji you have to spend time out of your resort and check out a smaller island. We have been told by a girlfriend and staff here that Tivua Island is the ultimate, but it is a full day trip and we knew the kids wouldn’t cope. So if you are sans-kids or they are older than ours then check that one out first!

Otherwise South Sea Island is a half a day (felt like a full day) well spent.

Be sure to check online for some last minute deals as you can save a bunch by doing so.

Much love,

Em x

Ps. If you have reef shoes take them. A girlfriend at work told me you can get them cheap but I ran out of time. We survived barefoot but the sand is full of coral and can be quite tough on your feet.

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