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DANNI MURPHY Contributor


Hi! I’m Danni – also known as Dan or lifelovetravelfood in the social media world (self-confessed Instagram addict right here!)

I’m a lover of sunshine, healthy food, cooking, yoga, family and sparkly things. I’m also new mamma so life has drastically changed for me as I learn to balance my old life with the addition of my beautiful baby boy.

On LOVEFLOCK I’ll be sharing healthy, easy and delicious recipes; giving an honest and realistic take on mum life; and talking about all the things that make me happy.

I’m a bit of a chatterbox so I’d love you to say hi, suggest something you’d like me to write about or make so leave me a comment or check out what I’m up to on my instagram or blog.


GRACE BRYANT Resident Geek Chick



Grace Bryant is a writer, drawer, imaginer and tea-lover. She’s the nerdy hamster that keeps the geek-wheels of LOVEFLOCK turning and designed the LOVEFLOCK logo.

Currently, Grace is focused on developing as a children’s author/illustrator, whilst maintaining a gainful employment. She loves sense of community and diversity that has grown through LOVEFLOCK’s pages. Seeing writing talents nourished, the achievements of others celebrated and sharing in a positive narrative is a privilege for Grace. She hopes you enjoy her contributions (even though they’re not always visible!) as much as she does yours.

Visit Grace at her website.


KIRSTY Contributor


Kirsty is a Mum of five, but like Facebook says “It’s Complicated”.
She has two biological children, two step children, and one “science baby” – born to lovely parents but using her egg.

Kirsty met Emma at Highschool orientation, where she quickly decided that Emma was way too much of a rabble rouser to hang out with. All due to the lovely Emma inviting Kirsty to play Jailbreak, which was banned at Kirsty’s Catholic Primary School.

Kirsty is a collector of degrees, but is currently on Maternity Leave from the Public Service and classing herself as an overqualified housewife. But loves it.

You can check out her blog here.



Shannon Crane is a Melbourne gal who loves to travel, cook, eat, get active outdoors and play Scrabble (in no particular order). Shannon and Emma met at the tender age of 14 when they both worked at the local cinema (first job!). As two chatterboxes with families from country NSW, they instantly hit it off and work became more about having fun and catching up than work. (More than 15 years later you still can’t shut them up!)

Now with a degree in journalism, Shannon is Media and Communications Adviser for a leading health charity – a job that allows her to utilise her journalism skills and make a difference at the same time (winning!).



Jessica G

Jessica is from Cape Town, South Africa. She is the Marketing Communications Manager for Protea Hotels, part of Marriott International, where she specializes in content, email and social media marketing.

To work out, she swears by functional training, walks on the beach and climbing stairs. She loves to travel, watch series, try new restaurants and coffee shops followed by a good non-fictional book for some me-time.

Follow Jessica on Instagram  or connect on LinkedIn.


APRIL KLASEN Contributor

April Klasen

April Klasen is the author of Pure Pop Asia and the Blair Triology, a blogger for total world domination, re-skilled artist, and heavy tea drinker. One day she will travel to Japan. To find out more go to April’s website. I Heart Pop Asia will be released later this year

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